Mission & Vision

Education Vertical:

  • To provide Expert advise to Institutional clients as per their Operational requirements.
  • To counsel and educate the youth for their career and skill advancement for a better future.

Training Vertical:

  • To provide customized Training solutions to Institutions and Corporate for inculcation and development of necessary professional skills in human resources.
  • To promote higher education through distance learning and e-learning mode among working executives to meet the challenges at global level.
  • To conduct short term employment and job oriented training programs for working and non working youth to meet the demand of Corporate in third generation.

Recruitment Vertical:

  • To source the best talent pool from the relevant industry as per the job description and specification given by the client.
  • To provide customized and cost effective Recruitment and Staffing solutions to the client within given time line.


He is a young entrepreneur with zeal, passion and a clear vision to bring the change in society through inculcation of employable and life skills in the youth of third generation. He graduated from Delhi

Nigel K Bloch,
Owner, Sportrx.com

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